The airport is easily accessible by car. From the city centre, you can reach the airport in 10 minutes, from the direction of Mikepércsi Road or Mandolás Street. For passengers arriving by car, parking is available in the direct vicinity of the terminal building. If you cannot find the suitable route to the airport below, please use the free route planning application at the following link.

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The parking lot of Debrecen International Airport is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

There are four different ways to buy your parking ticket:

Parking fees

Duration Fee (HUF)   Duration Fee (HUF)
10 minutes 200   14 days 20000
10 to 60 minutes 800   15 days 20500
1 hour 1000   16 days 21000
2 hours 2000   17 days 22000
1 day 4000   18 days 23000
2 days 4500   19 days 24000
3 days 7500   20 days 25000
4 days 8000   21 days 25500
5 days 9500   22 days 25500
6 days 10500   23 days 26500
7 days 11000   24 days 28000
8 days 11000   25 days 28000
9 days 14500   26 days 30000
10 days 15000   27 days 30000
11 days 16500   28 days 30000
12 days 18000   +1 day 1000
13 days 18500      

Currently, there are  two parking payment machines  at the Debrecen International Airport. You can pay at these machines using any Pay Pass bank card; however, you can only buy a parking ticket here for maximum 4 days.

In case of cash payment  you can only use  Hungarian forints (HUF).

If you need an invoice for the parking fee

After the payment, the parking machine issues the parking ticket, which also satisfies the requirements of Hungarian law for financial receipts. You can obtain an invoice in person, by bringing the parking ticket to the Customer Service of DV Parking Kft., located in Building II of Malompark Shopping Centre.
Alternatively, you can also send your parking ticket by mail, in which case you should provide your invoicing information and mailing address.
In case of online purchasing, you can indicate your need for an invoice by completing the appropriate fields. You will subsequently receive the invoice by mail.
In case of payment with the Rollet application and by mobile phone, the company operating these applications will issue the invoice subsequently.

Additional information related to parking

The rules of the Highway Code are applicable on the entire area of the parking lot of Debrecen International Airport!
Holders of a handicapped parking permit are not exempt from the payment of the parking fee.
The motor vehicles left in the parking lot are not guarded.

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