Baggage size and weight

You can take to the cabin a certain number of carry-on items in certain sizes (defined in cm), which varies according to the airline.

You can also send checked baggage of certain weight (defined in kg) for transportation in the hold of the aircraft. The maximum allowed weight of such checked baggage also varies according to the airline, but it may never exceed 32 kg.

The content of the baggage

Please note that piercing and cutting tools (knives, scissors, etc.) can only be transported in checked baggage.

Strollers, baby carriers and wheelchairs may be checked as items transported free of charge. In the case of such items, it is also possible to hand them over to the airport staff directly before boarding the aircraft.

Please always read the current baggage rules on the website of the airline, since this information varies by airline. You can read the rules of Wizz Air and Lufthansa at these links.