Denied boarding

Depending on the length of the flight or the delay caused by transfer to another flight, you may be entitled to compensation amounting to 125 to 600 EUR.

Long delay

If the delay exceeds five hour and you decide that you cannot travel, you may demand the repayment of the ticket price.

Cancellation of flights

In case of a flight cancellation, you must be informed at least 14 days before the scheduled departure of the flight or reschedule to a date/time that is close to the original one, except if the airline can prove that the flight was cancelled due to extraordinary circumstances.. If these conditions are not satisfied, you are entitled to compensation

Assistance by the airlines

From 26 July 2008 (with certain conditions), persons living with disabilities and having reduced mobility must be given proper assistance at all EU airports, and they enjoy protection against discrimination.

Passenger with reduced mobility

2008. július 26-tól (bizonyos feltételek mellett) minden EU-s repülőtéren megfelelő segítséget kapnak a fogyatékkal élő személyek és a csökkent mozgásképességű utasok és védelmet élveznek a hátrányos megkülönböztetéssel szemben.

The competent airline

You must be provided prior information on which airline is operating your flight. The European Union bans or restricts the operations of airlines that are not considered to be safe. The list of these airlines can be found on the website.


In case of delays (up to the amount of +/- 4,800 EUR), damage or loss of luggage (up to the amount of +/- 1,200 EUR), and upon the occurrence of injury or death resulting from an accident, the airlines are liable for the payment of damages to you. If all reasonable measures have been taken to avoid the damage, or there was no possibility for such measures, the airline may NOT be held accountable.

Organised package tours

The organisers of package tours must provide precise information on the travel services ordered, comply with the contractual obligations, and protect the passengers in case of the insolvency of the organisers.  

Further information

Dial the number  0080067891011 from any point in the EU during normal business hours  (weekdays from 9 a.m. to 6:30 p.m., Central European Time).

From outside the EU, please call the number +32 2 299 96 96 (normal rates apply).

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