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Other services

Smoking is only allowed at the airport in front of the passenger terminal, at the designated place. There are no designated areas inside the terminal.

You can change your baby’s diapers in the handicapped toilets.

There are no public showers and/or changing rooms at the airport. 

Debrecen International Airport does not offer a left luggage service.

Yes we provide a play area for children to make the waiting time easier for them.

Snack bar, shops

The shop located at the waiting areas sells alcoholic beverages and tobacco products as well. You can purchase these products in smaller or larger volumes, and also on the basis of special orders.

You can pay with a bank card or with cash at the airport. The currencies accepted at the airport include Hungarian forint (HUF), euro (EUR) and British pound sterling (GBP).

There is a snack bar at the passenger lounge and at the departure waiting areas.

Vending machines

If you wish to use the bus, you can purchase the ticket from the driver, on board the bus. 

An international ATM from which Hungarian forints (HUF) or euros (EUR) can be withdrawn is located next to the entrance of the passenger terminal.

There is no machine, but there is an international ATM from which you can withdraw Hungarian forints (HUF) using your bank card. The machine is located next to the entrance of the passenger terminal.

The machines are located on the right-hand side of the walkway running across the parking lot, as well as to the right from the terminal entrance. You can pay for parking in cash or using a bank card at the machine, as well as with your mobile phone and in case of pre-purchasing also on the website of the parking company (www.dvparking.hu). 

Taxi, transfer, car rental

The taxi companies with whom we have contracts have cars in the first row of the parking lot.

We have contracts with several car rental companies, the representatives of which can be found in the terminal building. Further information on prices is available from the car rental companies themselves.

Before the security check

Please call our information line, where our colleagues will be able to assist you in such a case. The phone number is +36204679899

The transport security service will ask for a medical certificate showing the necessity of the metal implant or cast. It is worth obtaining the medical certificate in English.
Such passengers are not exempted from the search, but the transport security officers will use a special procedure?

Yes. These items of clothing are not exempted from the search, however. The transport security officers will check the clothing of such persons in a separate room

Going through the equipment is not harmful for your health. According to our procedures, we let passengers requiring special attention (pregnant women, people with pacemakers, etc.) through the metal detector gate after switching it off. We then carry out only a manual search, and do not use a hand-held metal detector either.

Before going through the metal detector gate, you should remove all outerwear items of clothing (coat, blazer, jacket, thick pullover, reflective vest, cap, hat, scarf, gloves, boarding pass, etc.) and these items will be checked with the X-ray machine separately, alongside with your cabin baggage. Place your mobile phone, keys, change etc. in the pockets of your coat or other outerwear. Remove these items of clothing and give them to the transport security officers.

There is no quantity limit set, but the rules of the given airline must be taken into consideration.

The airport provides a bag that can only be sealed once, showing the airport as the place of purchase attached. The personnel at the airport places the liquid in this bag along with the receipt showing the time of purchase as well. Liquids in an unopened bag will not be confiscated when changing to another flight.

You can only transport drones in your hold baggage. There is no restriction concerning the transportation of other parts of drones (e.g. cameras) in the cabin baggage.

Yes. Medicines may be transported in the cabin baggage, including liquid medicines for health-related purposes after the necessary checking.

It is important to note that passengers are only allowed to transport medicines in the quantities necessary for the duration of their travel, as prescribed by their doctors.

It is recommended that you obtain a medical certificate; further information is available at the website of the National Public Health and Medical Officer Service under the menu item “Supervision of Pharmaceutical Supply/Medicines and travelling” (“Information on certifying the need for medicines while travelling abroad”).


Yes. Liquids, aerosols and gels for health/hygiene purposes or to satisfy special dietary needs during the flight may be taken on board after the necessary checking.

Food can be transported in either the cabin or hold baggage. 

In case of the cabin baggage, you must take into consideration the rule applicable to liquids, which is the following:

Liquids, aerosols or gels held by the passengers may only be transported in individual containers with a capacity not greater than 100 millilitres or equivalent in one transparent resealable plastic bag of a capacity not exceeding 1 litre, whereby the contents of the plastic bag fit comfortably, and the bag is completely closed. 

Please keep in mind that honey, paprika cream, liver pate, jam, jelly and other food of similar condition are also prohibited.

There is no such restriction in case of the hold baggage.

The following attachments to Regulation (EU) 2015/1998 contain the list of prohibited articles:
Attachment 4-C: Passengers and cabin baggage – List of prohibited articles;
Attachment 5-B: Hold baggage – List of prohibited articles.

At the airport

Yes, it is possible to purchase both tobacco products and alcoholic beverages at the waiting areas.

There is a café/snack bar at the airport, where you can buy sandwiches and snacks.

Yes, of course, but there should be no airport personnel in the picture.

You can only take photographs in such a way that no airport personnel are in the picture.

Neither the airline nor the airport is permitted to provide a passenger list or any information on passengers.

If you are already at the airport, you can inquire and ask for information concerning flight delays or cancellations at the information desk. If you are still at home, please contact the airline operating your flight.

If you lost something at the airport or left something on the aircraft, please contact our information desk near the check-in counters or send an e-mail to  @ .

You can find information concerning delays on the website of the given airline, as well as on the information monitors installed in the terminal building. 

Smoking is permitted near the terminal entrance, at the designated area. There are no designated smoking areas inside the terminal. 

There is no quantity limitation. You can purchase beverages after the passenger security check in the snack bar in the waiting area. 

If you checked in online and have no baggage to drop off for transportation in the hold of the aircraft, when you arrive at the terminal you can avoid having to stand in line at the check-in counter and go directly to the passenger security check.

You can pay for cabin baggage at the information desk, located next to the check-in counters. 

After you enter the terminal, the check-in counters are located to the right side of the entrance. Before and during and check-in process, you can find out from the monitors above the counters which check-in counter you need to use for your flight. The code and destination of the flight, as well as the logo of the airline are displayed. 

The validity of visas is verified at the check-in counters, where passengers check in and may drop off their baggage.

Baggage carts/trolleys are available for use free of charge, at the car park and in the arrivals part of the terminal. 

Yes. A free, public Wi-Fi network can be used by all passengers.

Information on the use of the Wi-Fi network is available on the  Free Wi-Fi page of Debrecen International Airport.

Before going to the airport

A personal identification document is necessary in all cases. In case of travelling to countries that joined the Schengen Agreement, a valid identity card is sufficient; however, when travelling outside the Schengen area, passengers need to have a valid passport. In case of certain countries, a visa permitting single or multiple entries may also be necessary. Please check the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the airline for this information. 

A laptop computer can be transported if its size complies with the rules of the given airline (Lufthansa, or Wizz Air) applicable to cabin baggage.

This is determined by the airline. If the given airline allows the transportation of animals, you should indicate your request already at the time of booking the ticket. This service is subject to a fee. In all cases, the animal transported must be microchipped, and have a pet passport and proof of vaccination. It is necessary to arrange for a bag or cage suitable for the transportation of the animal, although some airlines are able to provide these. It is recommended that some cloths be placed in the cage under the animal and a water dispenser should also be installed. Please check on the website or with the customer service of the airline if they have any special requirements. Here you can check the rules of Lufthansa concerning the transportation of animals. The requirements may also vary according to the destinations. (Wizz Air does not transport animals.)

A medical certificate issued not more than 6 days before is required from the 28th week of pregnancy. Otherwise, pregnant women may fly until the 34th week of their pregnancy, or until the 32nd week in case of multiple pregnancies (expecting twins, etc.).

It should be indicated already at the time when the ticket is booked if the passenger requires assistance at the airport or on the aircraft, but you should let the airline know at least 48 hours before the departure. Once you arrive at the airport, please indicate your request at the information desk, and our colleagues will assist you as quickly as possible.


It should be indicated already at the time when the ticket is booked if the passenger requires assistance at the airport or on the aircraft, but you should let the airline know at least 48 hours before the departure. Once you arrive at the airport, please indicate your request at the information desk, and our colleagues will assist you as quickly as possible. Further information is available at the website of Wizz Air 

Parents or caregivers can accompany children travelling alone to the passenger security checkpoint. Debrecen International Airport does not offer a separate service, but in case of certain airlines, such as Lufthansa, you can purchase an unattended minor (UM) service, which must be requested when you book your ticket. In such cases, an employee of the airport accompanies children to the aircraft, from which point one of the flight attendants will take over and assist them. Further information is available on the website of Lufthansa.

The terminal of Debrecen International Airport is open 24 hours a day, so you can wait for public transportation in the morning in case you arrive with a late flight.

For further information related to opening hours, please contact our colleagues!


Of course it is also possible to transport items larger than cabin baggage as well; however, each airline determines its own rules applicable to such items.

Sport equipment

When transporting sporting equipment, the passenger is responsible for ensuring the packaging and securing of these items. However, there are also airlines that provide a box for such items for a fee or sometimes free of charge. When transporting bicycles, the handle bars must be turned to align with the front wheel and fixed in that position, the tyres must be deflated, and the pedals removed.

Strollers, baby carriers

If a child (under the age of 14) is also included in the reservation, the stroller or baby carrier may be transported free of charge. If, however, there is no child included in the reservation, such items may only be transported upon the payment of a fee at the time of the baggage drop-off.

baggage rules

Since these rules vary by airline, it is also worth checking the rules of Wizz Air or Lufthansa applicable to baggage.

The limitations applicable to the baggage weight and size are determined by each airline individually; therefore, we kindly ask you to check for this information on the websites of Wizz Air and Lufthansa

baggage rules

Subject to the rules of the given airline, the baggage may be checked for transporting in the hold of the aircraft or brought on board. Since the rules applicable to baggage size and weight are subject to change, we kindly ask you to check in each case the website of Wizz Air or Lufthansa.

baggage rules

The starting time of online check-in varies by airline; therefore, we kindly ask you to visit the website of  Wizz Air or Lufthansa for this information.

The check-in process (i.e. the checking of tickets and the baggage drop-off) starts 2 hours before departure. It is worth arriving at the airport already at this time, in order to ensure that there is sufficient time for everything after checking in. The check-in counter closes 40 minutes before the departure of the flight.

going to the airport

In all cases, the need for a visa depends on the nationality of the passenger. For this purpose, we suggest that you find the relevant information at the websites of the embassy vagy a Ministry of Foreign Affairs honlapján.

It depends on the citizenship of the passenger whether a visa is necessary. Before travelling, please obtain the relevant information from the  local embassy or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The rules applicable to adults also apply to children, which means that children need a document of personal identification to travel as well. In case of travelling to countries that joined the Schengen Agreement, a valid identity card is sufficient; however, when travelling outside the Schengen area, passengers need to have a valid passport. In case of certain countries, a visa permitting single or multiple entries may also be necessary. In each case, please find the relevant information from the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, or the website of Wizz Air, or Lufthansa.


The daily fees apply to calendar days.

The parking lots operate on every day of the week, 24 hours a day. 

Using the parking lot is subject to a fee also on holidays.

In case you lose your parking ticket, you must pay a fine. The amount of the fine is currently HUF 5,000/day.

After the payment, the parking machine issues the parking ticket, which also satisfies the requirements of Hungarian law for financial receipts. You can obtain an invoice in person, by bringing the parking ticket to the Customer Service of DV Parking Kft., located in Building II of Malompark Shopping Centre. Alternatively, you can also send your parking ticket by mail, in which case you should provide your invoicing information and mailing address.

personal customer service

In case of online purchasingyou can indicate your need for an invoice by completing the appropriate fields. You will subsequently receive the invoice by mail.

In case of payment with the Rollet mobile application the company operating the application will issue the invoice subsequently.


It is not possible to make advance reservations of parking places at Debrecen International Airport.

Handicapped parking places are located on the two sides of the pedestrian walkway leading to the terminal, within accessible distance from the terminal entrance. The route from the parking lot to the airport terminal is accessible by wheelchair.

Holders of handicapped cards are not entitled to free parking at the Debrecen International Airport.

parking fees

At the Debrecen International Airport, the same parking lot is used by everyone, from which the entrance of the airport terminal is easily accessible. This is a public parking lot, and has no VIP section.

To see the fees charged at Debrecen International Airport, please click on the button below.

parking fees

Parking at Debrecen International Airport is subject to a per-minute fee, and there is no free period. The first ten minutes after entering the parking lot costs HUF 200. 

parking fees


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