How to protect your luggage?

Wrap your luggage to protect it even more! Professional secure baggage wrapping is available now on a special price. Please proceed to the Info Desk to pay, then after collecting your voucher follow the sign to Secure Bag Wrap station where you can have your luggage fully prepared for flight in a protective film cover.

Why use baggage wrapping?

  • to avoid potential damage
  • to avoid possible staining
  • to provide increased security for fragile goods
  • to step up protection against theft

What kind of luggage can be wrapped?

Any kind of luggage can be wrapped, including:

How to use this service?

  1. Go to Info Desk to pay
  2. Collect your voucher and go to Secure Bag Wrap station
  3. Wrap your bag

Prices (incl.VAT)

1800 HUF/db/piece
5 EUR/db/piece
4,5 GBP/db/piece
6 USD/db/piece