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Flight To Departure Status
Wizzair W67891 Lárnaka today 11:35 expected
Freebird FHY628 Antalya today 16:50 expected
Wizzair W67853 London today 18:30 expected
Wizzair W67857 Szantorini tomorrow 13:15 expected
Wizzair W67867 Párizs Sep 24. 07:10 expected
Flight From Arrival Status
Freebird FHY627 Antalya today 15:50 expected
Wizzair W67892 Lárnaka today 17:45 expected
Wizzair W67854 London tomorrow 00:30 expected
Wizzair W67858 Szantorini tomorrow 18:20 expected
Wizzair W67868 Párizs Sep 24. 17:25 expected

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