If your luggage was damaged or it did not arrive on the same plane with you, please report to the information counter or the “Lost and found” unit upon arrival.


If you could not find your luggage after arriving at Debrecen International Airport, please go to the information counter near the entrance. A written record is drawn up of all cases reported. This will be important to you in case your luggage is late for a longer time or it is not sent after you at all.

The opening hours of the information counter: Every day from 8:00 am to 6 p.m.

You can also submit your complaint via e-mail within 7 days after your arrival. In order for the written record to be drawn up, please include the following information in your e-mail sent to the following address: @

  • Flight number, date of travelling (e.g.: W6 7862, 04.01.2019.), name(s) of passenger(s);
  • A copy of your boarding pass;
  • A number/copy of the baggage tag (e.g. W6 123456);
  • The type and colour of your luggage (e.g. hardshell suitcase, black);
  • The brand of your luggage, date of purchase; purchase price;
  • In case of damage: place and nature of damage (e.g. the side of the suitcase is torn / the wheels of the suitcase are broken);
  • Contact information: permanent/temporary address, telephone number, e-mail address.