The check-in process, i.e. the checking of tickets and the leaving of the checked luggage in care of ground handling, generally starts two hours before departure. It is worth arriving at the airport by this time in order to allow sufficient time for everything before the flight.

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Ticket checking

For the check-in, you need to have your ticket, valid passport or other travel document (for EEA member states and countries in the Schengen area, a valid identity card is sufficient), and – if required by the country of destination – a valid visa. It is advisable to check the validity date of your passport or other travel document  – as well as your visa, if applicable – ahead of time, since in case these are expired, you may be refused to travel.

Visa Processing

Your final seating assignment on the aircraft

In accordance with the class of your ticket (economy, business or first class), subject to certain safety requirements and the availability of free seats, you may be able to choose where you want to sit on the aircraft.

Boarding pass

Passengers must arrive at the boarding gate by the time indicated on the boarding pass. Passengers who do not check in in time or arrive at the gate too late, may lose their seats on the aircraft.

The boarding pass shows the following information: name of passenger, flight number, class of travel, gate number, boarding time, seat assignment.


It is also at the check-in counter that baggage to go in the hold area of the aircraft is left. Each airline may set the size or weight restrictions applicable to checked luggage individually, the details of which should be reviewed on the airline’s website before travelling. In case of exceeding the limit, an overweight baggage fee must be paid, the amount of which may vary based on the destination. The boarding pass is only issued after the passenger has paid the overweight baggage fee at the customer service of the given airline or the ground handling service.

Ticket handlers also have the right to decide, on the basis of the rules of the airlines in effect, what items may be considered as cabin luggage and brought on board the aircraft. The rules applicable to cabin luggage can also be found on the websites of the airlines. If the cabin luggage exceeds the size or weight restriction, it must be checked and transported in the hold of the aircraft. In a case, if the total weight/number of such item and other luggage combined exceeds the maximum permitted weight/number, the passenger must pay an excess baggage fee.

Baggage Rules

Passport control

The check-in counter closes 30 minutes before the scheduled departure time of the aircraft (40 minutes in case of discount airlines), and passengers arriving after this time may not be checked in for the flight. After the ticket checking, passengers travelling to a country outside the Schengen area must also undergo a checking of their passports or other travel documents, where they should also have their boarding passes ready, as these may be requested as well. For passengers travelling from one Schengen country to another Schengen country, i.e. staying within the Schengen area, no checking of the travel documents is required.

Passenger security check

Irrespective of their destination, all passengers, as well as their cabin and checked baggage are subject to a security check before departure. Passengers’ clothing and cabin baggage are checked after the ticket checking and passport control. Passengers go through a metal detector gate, while their cabin baggage is subjected to x-ray screening. The purpose of this procedure is to ensure that no cutting or piercing tools, weapons, liquids or other substances or objects posing a risk to the safety of the flight can get on board the aircraft.

Once you arrive at the Debrecen International Airport, first wait at the check-in counter.
At the check-in counters of the Debrecen International Airport, you can choose from three possible options:

  • Priority boarding
  • Business passengers
  • The first step of travelling is the check-in, where passengers also leave their baggage to be transported in the hold of the aircraft. At the Debrecen International Airport, we have a separate counter for our passengers with Priority boarding and those travelling with Business class tickets, thereby guaranteeing the use of the extra services purchased to the maximum extent. If you have all documents necessary for travelling, but you do not have any baggage to check in, then you can skip the Check-in counter, and after you arrive at the airport you can go directly to the passenger security check, from where you can proceed to the designated waiting area.

Passenger Security Check