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Munich is the capital of the largest German province, Bavaria. The Marienplatz is one of the most beautiful squares in Germany, and it is the centre of Munich with the Old and New Town Halls. Chiming bells characterize Munich, as much as the Hofbrauhaus and the Frauenkirche, which has become a symbol of the city with its green domes. 

1 hour 20 minutes
737 km
Munich (MUC)


The residents of Munich are also proud of their museums, some of which are the most prominent in the world. Munich’s art scene boasts not only classical arts, but charming cafés, pubs, and shops. 

In addition to arts, Munich is also famous for its football stadium (Allianz Arena). Built in 2005, the stadium has seating for 66,000 spectators. During the games of the two major teams, FC Bayern and 1860 Munich, the stadium is lit with blue or red lights to represent the team that is playing.

The Munich delicacy, Weisswurst is a must try. It is made from minced veal and tastes best with pretzels, sweet mustard, and wheat beer. 

Munich is a flourishing city that combines tradition and cutting-edge technology. Due to its diversity it is both an attractive tourist destination and home to many Germans who love living there.

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