Cornerstone laying ceremony of Debrecen Airport development project

Sesztak lays cornerstone of Debrecen airport development project

Budapest, June 11 (MTI) – The people of Debrecen are allies of the government, Development Minister Miklos Sesztak said at the cornerstone laying ceremony of a new innovation and incubation centre at the Debrecen airport, in eastern Hungary, on Thursday.
  The government considers the development of the Debrecen International Airport a key project, Sesztak said. The project, financed from both EU and state funds, is worth 1.34 billion forints (EUR 4.3m).Fidesz lawmaker and former Debrecen mayor Lajos Kosa said the government will allocate 400 million forints (EUR 1.3m) to the development of the Debrecen airport and the Sarmellek airport in the Balaton region.
Upgrades will address airspace monitoring and disaster prevention, Kosa said. Debrecen mayor Laszlo Papp said the Debrecen airport will become the base of Wizz Air from the end of this year, a development which will create 200 new jobs at the airport.