The fast track aims to provide passengers who have paid extra for such service to avoid queuing at the security check, and approach the check point out of turn. 

The fast track service can be purchased at the information desk of Debrecen International Airport against cash or bank card payment. Service fee: 5 EUR / 1800 HUF / 4.5 GBP for which amount each passenger purchasing the service will be provided with one Fast Track voucher.   

The service can be used free of charge by children under 3, however only if attended by a family member.

The service can be purchased – even in advance – at any time within the office hours of the information desk, however passengers are still required to fully respect the rules pertaining to passenger registration, security check and boarding, and allow enough time to such processes.

The service fee is not refundable.

The Fast Track service can be used by anyone who have purchased the Fast Track service, and – as passenger – has valid boarding pass for a flight to depart, at the time when the corresponding check-in process starts.

The Fast Track vouchers are intended for single use only, for the Fast Track service at the passenger security check of Debrecen International Airport.

The Fast Track voucher has a small, perforated segment for verification, which is torn off the voucher upon use by the passenger controlling officer, preventing it from allowing further use of the service, and facilitating use thereof for other purposes, such as discount shopping, advertising, etc.  

When approaching the passenger security check, passengers who hold Fast Track voucher and use the service will queue in the line dedicated to the purpose of Fast Track service, delimited by cordon and designated by an information board, where – once their boarding pass and cabin luggage are checked – the passenger controlling officer will open the cordon and guide the passengers to the passenger security check out of turn.

Once passengers using Fast Track service arrive at the spot of passenger security check, the Fast Track service is deemed as performed and closed.